Website Management

So you’ve reached the end of your tether with the website and starting to get bogged down? But you understand how important it is to keep your web presence optimised and up-and-running? Website management services and web content management will provide the relief you need. As a website manager, I will make sure your plugins are kept up-to-date, and make sure everything is working as it should be.

Website management services can leave you with more time to do the things you love

Running a website, especially when it’s not your main expertise, can be a tiring nightmare, especially when it all breaks down. Have you ever changed your theme and found the stylesheet missing? Do you know which are the right plugins to use on your WordPress site? Or have you had problems with 404 pages? Blank pages? Or have you had problems customising WordPress themes? These things are especially important for your business and you cannot afford for it to let you down; which is why you need to use professional website management services and web content management.

Missing stylesheet is probably the biggest thing that happens to new WordPress users. A stylesheet is a document that instructs the website how to shape and colour things on your web pages. Without a stylesheet, or with a stylesheet not in the right place, your website can appear in plain text, or not at all! I can fix these kinds of errors because I have seen it all before. So why not get in touch?

Another problem people have is trying to configure the website once you have it running online. When someone buys a new theme, downloads it, and start to set it up, it doesn’t really look very much like the website they saw in the (online) shop window. That’s because the website has not been built out yet like in the demo. Website themes these days have a plethora of features and plugins that provide you with hundreds of options. The downside is having to set it all up. This is where I can help.

Contact forms sometimes do not work, sometimes image sliders stop working, or are too difficult to configure. All of these things I can help you with. I have a vast experience of website management from large international brands and eCommerce, to small sole-trader websites.

If things aren’t working quite right for you, and you are getting bogged down with it, give us a call and I’ll see what I can do to help