Now that online shopping is becoming the norm, it’s time to look seriously at upgrading your website to enable click-and-collect. Using WooCommerce, I can help you enable safe, COVID-19 alert level compliant retail using click-and-collect.

Restrictions due to COVID-19 have meant it is often not possible to allow customers into your store, but you are allowed to serve them still from a doorway or other entrance. The best way to manage that is for them to visit your website, select and pay for the goods they would like, and to come down to your store to collect them in person. This is allows you to still provide a more personalised service, avoid courier fees, allows the customer to visit at their convenience, and keeps everybody safe.

Just like a normal online store, the customer selects and pays for their products using the shopping cart. If the customer has selected ‘local pickup’ or if you have made it the default option, they will receive an email with the instructions on how to pick up their order safely.

Maybe your website already has this built in but you don’t know how to operate and optimise it? Or maybe you need to upgrade your website to one that has click-and-collect functionality?

Give me a call or send me a message using the form below to find out more about how click-and-collect digital retail can help you boost profits and take advantage of the situation.

click-and-collect developer Ian Pattison