Ian Pattison – website and online systems developer

I am a skilled and experienced website and online systems developer and website manager. I create and manage online/web systems that draw more leads to your website; which allows you to broaden your reach and capture more clients than before. Keep reading to find out a little bit about my work.

Project experience


i joined NBR in September 2018 as the website producer and worked on other special projects in the digital operation including website and online marketing development.

The main role was to upload and process stories for www.nbr.co.nz, monitor story flow and working with the online news editor to keep the site fresh and vibrant, editing and preparing photos, moderate comments, create graphics, and assist the editorial department

I also assisted with special projects that included social media marketing and data analysis for the optimisation of customer acquisition initiatives.


My role as website manager at Auckland Property Management was primarily focused on ensuring the functionality and performance of the company’s award-winning website. I also initiated a programme of website and online marketing development. I achieved this through advocating for, and leading, projects: that improved site speed by two-thirds, a site redesign that increased usability metrics by 20%, and boosted site security.


Shortly after completing my course, and before graduating, I was seconded to Les Mills Shared Services.

The purpose of this contract was to assist with the cloning and localisation of their global site to the United Kingdom and Nordic regions. This involved manually checking and correcting website links as well as implementing technical SEO across the sites.

During my time there, I also completed a lot of marketing-related tasks and gained an appreciation of the processes customers go through once they have their hands on a website. Particularly a complicated one like Les Mills International. It is here that I began my experience with website and online marketing development.

One of the key things I learnt was about the iterative and collaborative process customers go through, and participated in that by working with key members of the creative team to develop the landing pages for the new Sprint and The Trip sections, as well as the Immersive Fitness.


My role at Ark Advance as a campaign technical manager involved liaison with email marketing campaign managers and co-workers to build large email marketing campaigns. My role also included managing customer data records and supplemental data and using a software programme to associate HTML and text content with those records.

At Ark, I learnt the effectiveness and value of email marketing campaigns and what it takes to produce impressive results.

I also assisted as campaigns technical manager for the Loyalty New Zealand (Fly Buys) email system revamp which resulted in a 74 per cent open rate.


Community Link is a Hamilton-based church group that runs a series of mentoring programmes for families, young mums, and teenagers. They take people who are referred to them from various agencies and set them on a three-month mentoring programme where they identify issues in their lives they want to deal with, and map out a progress for that.

The biggest challenge for this was security and differentiating user types. Because this site was designed to hold some quite sensitive information, security was paramount.

The security requirements were 1. Keep the public off the site (obviously), and 2. Only allow mentors access to their own mentees. While the user status involved providing access to all areas for ‘auditors’ and ‘administrators’.